Direction, production, post-production by - Ora Ora Studio
Dancer - Khoa Nguyen
Music - Stux
Location provided by JUMP

Breakout is exactly that - our breakout project as Ora Ora. With this project we wanted to showcase a portion of our community in a playful way. Breakout tells the story of a dancer living in an increasingly problematic world, using their dance as a way to break free. Artistic passion is often used as a foray into a world far different than our own and with this project we aimed to highlight that journey.

Ora Ora took this project through all its stages, from conception to finished product. We set few limits for ourselves and instead focused on how we could push our dancer into a colorful and abstract existence.

We chose a shooting location that contained minimal distractions in order to focus solely on our dancer. The openness of the room left us a lot of space to explore.

From there, we took all our footage and put together a fast-cut driven piece that spoke to the upbeat pace of the music and the energy of the dancer - leaving enough movement communicated for the audience to appreciate the art form of the dance.

Then we built on that to create the colorful world to which our dancer transports himself. What remains is an adventure of distortion and color - something we hope you enjoy!

To go along with the video we produced a series of teasers in preparation of the video's launch. Each teaser gives a sneak-peak to the style of the video.